Classic Switzerland in focus
American Helvetia Philatelic Society
  Meeting Room 1E20

5/30/2016  From 5:00PM to 6:00PM

Presentation of a newly designed illustrated pre-printed stamp album and a new ‚Handbook and Specialized Catalogue for Swiss Cantonal Issues 1843-1854

Some more details about the stamp album:

The pre-printed stamp album is a new concept and guide to collect Classic Switzerland with much flexibility for the collector. It consists of beautiful illustrated pre-printed album pages with framed spaces for each stamp. All explanations given on the album pages are is in english language!

The concept provides the possibility to built up a Switzerland Classic Issues collection ‚step by step‘, depending on progress of the collection, time spend on collecting and financial investment:

1.       In a first step the ‚Basis package‘ includes 20 illustrated pre-printed album pages with spaces for each ‚main‘ catalogue number of SBK or Zumstein Catalogue.

2.       Whenever the collector feels the time has come to specialize in a ‚second step‘, he can use the ‚Specialised package‘ with 29 illustrated pre-printed spaces for variations such as types (e.g. Zürich vertical or horizontal lines, the five types of the Zürich 4 and 6, or the Rayons with and without ‚framed Cross‘) and shades plus a variation of cancellations (e.g. red and black Rosettes from Zürich, the various Geneva Rosettes),  used on the various issues.

3.       When the collector misses to include pairs, pieces or covers, he can use in a ‚third step‘ 10 different illustrated ‚blanc album pages‘ , one page individually designed for each issue.

4.       And finally, if he intends to reconstruct the various printing stones of the 1850/52 issues Ortspost/Poste Locale and Rayon I, II, and III, in a ‚fourth step‘ he may use the illustrated album pages with pre-printed spaces for the 40 types (positions)

This new Illustrated pre-printed stamp album has been concepted, designed and realised in a cooperation of the two companies Corinphila and Honegger Philatelie, both members of the Swiss Dealers Association.

The new ‚Handbook and Specialized Catalogue for Swiss Cantonal Issues 1843-1854‘ was published  by Corinphila a few years ago. It was written in german only. Since it was a great success and has been sold out within 18 month after publication, we felt to produce a new revised edition with additions and corrections and completely bi-langual german-english for the many stamp lovers of swiss philately around the world!

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