Colombia: The Affair Michelesen and the Re-Printsof the 1868 Issue $5 and $10 Pesos
Colombia-Panama Philatelic Study Group
  Meeting Room 1E08

5/29/2016  From 10:00AM to 11:00AM

presented by Dario Diez

For more than one hundred and twenty years the so-called Michelsen “re-prints” have

been the subject of many discussions in world philatelic circles.   Since Gustavo

Michelsen began selling them in 1890-91, the legality of these issues has not been clearly

and objectively established. Michelsen tried to make his creations look, to the philatelic

world, as "authorized reprints. It is difficult to  differentiate them from the genuine.  This

talk will demonstrate that Michelsen's so called "reprints" are fakes and presents reliable

parameters to identify the different printings of the genuine $5 and $10 Pesos stamps

from the counterfeits.

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